Dress X25574

Stunning red, nude and black Eire design dress. Excellent condition. Collected April 2015

Waist: 25 inches
Bodice Length: 14 inches
Sleeve Length: 23.5 inches
Full Length: 30 inches
Neck to shoulder 4 inches
Neck to bellybutton. 14 inches
Neck to drop waist. 21.5 inches
Outside arm. 23.5 inches
Inside arm. 18 inches
Back to start of skirt. 23 inches
Length of skirt. 7 inches (middle)
Length of skirt. 8.5 inched (side)
Bust. Approx 31\32 inches
Let out and let down

Dressmaker: Eire Design
Condition: Used
Location: Ireland
Asking Price: £1000. Shipping costs are not included in the asking price. Sale is final.