Dress X28557

Beautiful little Rising Star. Worn by petite u14 OC. 9 months old, in very good condition. Hundreds of Swarovski crystals, none missing. Dress very striking and really stands out. Lovely Irish Rose flat cape. Comes with custom made light weight red and turquoise crown and new number clip. **Available December 5th**. **Will be able for try on at SRO.**
Thanks for looking!

Measurements (in inches)
Chest: 14 1/2″
Waist: TW 12 3/4″ DW 15 1/2″
Bodice Length: Front: 29″ Back: 29 1/4″
Sleeve Length: 21 1/4″
Full Length: 29″
Like most RS, not much let out or let down. This dress would be easy to take in/shorten given placement of embroidery. I would not, however, purchase if dancer just fits measurements and you hope to let out/down.

Dressmaker: Rising Star
Condition: Used
Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Asking Price: $US1800.00. OBO. Shipping costs are not included in the asking price. Returns are negotiable.