Dress X31339

6 month old Gavin worn by petite 13yo. Comes with matching headpiece. Black lightweight velvet, with a pop of red and striking asymmetrical and colorful design – this was by far our favorite dress we have owned! It is stunning on the stage – bold and stylish.

Measurements (in inches)
Chest: 29″
Waist: 28″
Dropped Waist: 31″
Sleeve Length: 22″
Full Length back: 28″
Length in back 28”
Length in front (center) 26”
Sleeve 22”
Across back shoulder to shoulder top: 13”
Letout: 3” chest, 2” waist, 3” hips
Letdown: 2”

Chest and waist measurements from dancer when she wore the dress:
Waist: 27” (dancer measurement)
Chest: 29” (dancer measurement)

Dressmaker: Gavin
Condition: Excellent
Location: North Carolina
Asking Price: $1000.