Dress X8786

Beautiful black velvet and silver sequin and white embroidery dress. An elegant black shirt adds to the effect. The dress is covered in clear and black Swarovski crystal. A real show stopper of a dress. A dress that captures attention on stage. Cuffs adorned with the same criss cross silver sequin and embroidery. Banana shawl with lace and crystal

A real dazzler at a great price
Black kick pants

Measurements (in inches)
Chest: 34
Waist: 30
Bodice Length: 21.5
Skirt Length: 9
Sleeve Length: 25.5
Full Length: 30.5
2 inch let down
2 inch let out

Dressmaker: Gavin
Location: Manchester Lancs, Uk
Asking Price: £500. Shipping costs are not included in the asking price. Sale is final.