Dress X9065

Absolutely adorable dress that has great stage presence and sparkle. Dress is a 3 piece (jacket, skirt with under-bodice, and cupcake skirt) and is in good condition. Dress is smoke free. This dress was created with a growing dancer in mind and has the ability to change length quite easily. All fabrics were chosen to accept alterations well. The dress is constructed of a dark purple sparkle velvet on the bodice, skirt, and cape. The white section is made with a lovely overlay imported for the dress from Hong Kong. The overlay is embroidery accented with sequins. The cupcake is separate from the dress in order to provide as much flexibility in length as possible and is on an elastic waist. The cupcake is a white organza with crystals throughout. Cupcake is 5 very fluffy layers, each edged with fishing line encased in silver thread. The bottom 4 layers have purple piping attached to add detail to the cupcake. The skirt is a 4 panel look and is attached to an under bodice which allows for the skirt length to be brought up or down more easily than a traditional 1 piece. The jacket currently has two layers of cupcake cuffs in order to add length. Again those are easily removed in order to shorten, and could be added back on later, one layer at a time. The jacket also includes a hidden number holder. The dress has been accented with many Swarovski crystals (clear and AB).

Dress will be sold with purple bloomers, two headbands (one is a purple flower one, the other is white with Swarovski crystals), and two custom created bags–one allows for the jacket and skirt to be stored together, the second bag will hold the jacket/skirt bag as well as the cupcake–this allows the cupcake to be transported with no fear of crushing it.

We will accept a return on the dress within 3 days for buyers within the US (buyer to pay all shipping charges). International sales will be final. Please contact seller with any questions.

Chest: 24″ ( bodice) Jacket 25 1/4″
Waist: 23″ for hard skirt, cupcake elastic from 22″ to 26″, jacket waist 24″
Bodice Length: Back neck to bottom of jacket 14” Front neck to bottom of jacket 12 ¾”
Skirt Length: Cupcake length is 1″. Can be shortened or made longer depending on cupcake placement
Sleeve Length: Purple sleeve 13” Cupcake ruffle 6 ¼” Total sleeve length as currently set 19-19 ¼”
Full Length: Back neck to bottom of hard skirt 18” additional length is added with cupcake Front neck to bottom of hard skirt 19” additional length is added with cupcake

Condition: Used
Location: Clayton, NC, USA
Asking Price: $US450.00. Shipping costs are included for my own country, overseas shipping is extra. Will accept returns and refund the cost of the dress, buyer to pay all shipping costs.