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I wanted to let you know that I sold this dress yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you offer those of us selling our dance items! Your site is, by far, the easiest to use whether browsing or selling, and again, just thank you for what you do!
Brenda, USA

I had the dress listed for months on another site before I found Get That Dress.. and within 2 days I was contacted by someone in out area. Turns out they lived in the same city and the dancer was able to try the dress on! Going to let all my dance mom friends know to use Get That Dress!!!
Doreen, FL, USA

I’ve sold my daughter’s dress!
Thank you so much for listing it!!! I’m so happy! It’s going to someone in Australia.
I sold the other one a few weeks ago as well, so I had great luck on your site!
Will recommend your site. I didn’t know if this dress would sell, I’d been trying for 2 years! Thanks!!!

Please remove the ad for my dress, was sold today! Thanks for your service. I’ve sold two dresses in less than a week through your web site.
Kelley, USA

Just letting you know that my dress has sold. Thank you for listing it for me — you have a great site. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again in the future.
Laura, AB, Canada

Thanks very much for helping us sell this will be putting the next one on shortly.
Amanda, England, UK

Thanks so much for listing my dress X556! It’s now FINALLY sold and it was found on your site:o)
Thanks so much for your service!
Kerry, AB, Canada

I have to say that your website is the best used feis dress website on the Internet! Very easy to navigate and you only have dresses that are in style! WOW!

I have had my dress listed on several sites for a few months, I listed it on “Get That Dress” and it sold within less than 5 days. This will be the first place I list when the need arises to sell another dress. Thank you!!!!
Kim H