Thank You For Your Information

Thank you for submitting your dress. Your details have been received and will be listed on once payment of your listing fee has been received.

Your listing fee is 1% of your asking price. (Asking price divided by 100).

To pay your fee now please click the secure PayPal link below that corresponds to the currency in which you have listed your dress and follow the directions.

E.g., if the asking price of your dress is $500.00, you should enter $5.00 on the PayPal page and complete payment of $5.00.

Click here to pay in US Dollars:

Click here to pay in Pounds Sterling:

Click here to pay in Euro:

Click here to pay in Canadian Dollars:

Click here to pay in Australian Dollars:

If you requested to be sent a PayPal money request you will receive it within 24 hours. This must be paid within 2 weeks or your dress details will be deleted.

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